Hungary Work Permit

Facts about Hungary 

  •  IT IS ONE OF THE OLDEST COUNTRIES IN EUROPE. Hungary was founded back in 895, which means it’s older than countries like France and Germany.
  • Hungary might be a land-locked country without an ocean, but it’s home to the largest lake in Central Europe, and during summertime, you can come here for a beach holiday.
  • Currency: Hungarian Forint (HUF)
  • Official language: Hungarian.
  • Capital: Budapest
  • Member of EU: Since 2004.
  • Member of Nato: Yes
  • Budapest is the capital of Hungary and the largest city, by far. Over 1.7 million people live in Budapest – roughly one fifth of the total population of Hungary (9.7 million).
  •  McDonald’s was the first foreign restaurant offering fast food services in Hungary.
  • Germany is the largest export partner in Hungary.

  Required documents

  • Passport copy
  • Photo
  • CV
  •  Police Clearance

Which documents we provide for you?

  • Work  permit
  • Work agreement
  • Letter of accommodation
  • Guarantee letter

Process time

60 working days

Fees structure:

Package price: Contact office or email to

Prepayment (before start a processing) — 1000 Euro  

List of supporting documents: 

  • Dully filled and signed application form for residence permit and Appendix 10 – find it on the website of Immigration and Asylum Office of Hungary
  • Valid passport with the previous (old) passports (at least 2 blank pages in the valid passport are needed , the passport has to be issued within the previous 10 years) Passport must be valid until the end of your employment.
  • 2 passport-size photos (not older than 3 months )
  • Flight booking
  • Accommodation proof for the whole period of stay
  • Valid insurance (just travel insurance, if general insurance will be provided by the employer)
  • Bank statement about the last 6 months
  • Proof of income, if its applicable
  • Signed preliminary employment contract issued by employer. It must contain the duration and conditions of work and salary details.
  • Valid preliminary “Workforce Needs Registration Form” issued by competent Hungarian authority.
  • School certificates in English (the most recent school certificates which are related to the job, should be legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh and attached with certified Hungarian translation) Birth Certificate issued by the public authorities of Bangladesh has to be legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh)
  • Clear character certificate issued by competent police department
  • CV in English
  • Declaration on the member of immediate family members under the applicant’s financial support, if the applicant’s status is married.
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