Country Details

Country NameAndorra
Capital CityAndorra la Vella
Currencyeuro (EUR)
Local Time+2 hours.
Telephone Code376
BankClosed on Sunday.
Exchange Rate1 euro is equivalent to 88.44 BDT

Andorra || Europe

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Visa Requirement for Andorra:

Andorra does not require any type of visa.

Andorra is not a member of the Schengen Area. Entry to Andorra is made through France or Spain. Thus, any national from a third-country travelling to Andorra must get information from the French or Spanish Embassies or Consulates (depending on the country of entrance) about the need of a Schengen visa, and when deemed necessary, about the visa obtaining procedures.

When the Schengen visa is required, third-country nationals (Bangladesh) shall apply for a double-entry or a multiple entry Schengen visa depending on how many times you will enter the Schengen area from Andorra.

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Andorra visa from Bangladesh

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