Country Details

Country NameKorea (Rep.) South
Capital CitySeoul
CurrencySouth Korean Won (KRW)
Local TimeGMT +9
Telephone Code+82
BankClosed on Saturday and Sunday.
Exchange Rate1.00 KRW (South Korean Won) is equivalent to 0.067 BDT

South Korea || Asia

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South Korean Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh
4, Madani Avenue
Diplomatic Enclave
Baridhara Model Town
Phone: (+88) 02 881 2088 / 90, (+88) 02 881 2041
Fax: (+88) 02 882 3871
E-mail: / (consular/visa service)

Bangladesh citizen who has an ordinary passport has to obtain a visa to enter the Republic of Korea.
(Official & Diplomatic passport holders are allowed to stay up to 90 days without visa)

Required Documents:

All applicants are requested to submit the following documents:

General Requirement:

  1. Visa application (filled out in block letters).
  2. One recent passport size color photograph of applicant.
  3. Passport (valid for at least six months).
  4. Photocopy of valid passport (PG#0 to PG#5), MRP passport (PG#0 to PG#1).
  5. Forwarding letter to visa section of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Dhaka.
  6. Bank statement with bank solvency certificate.

For Business Visa:

  1. Inviting company’s business certificate of registration (issued from Korean tax office)
  2. Inviting company’s invitation letter & Affidavit of support
  3. Proof of business relations with the inviting company (ex: L/C, Invoice, Import contact etc if they are available)
  4. Invitee company’s visa requesting letter on letter head stationery
  5. Invitee company’s certificate of corporate or trade license
  6. Invitee company’s income tax certificate
  7. Invitee’s employment certificate issued from the invitee company (for employee)
  8. Invitee company’s Bank statement & personal Bank statement (issued within the last 6 months)

For Tourist Visa:

  1. Visa requesting letter
  2. Tour itinerary (tour plan in Korea)
  3. Air ticket booking slip
  4. Personal or company’s bank statement (issued within the last 6months)
  5. Applicant’s company certificate of corporate or trade license if it is available
  6. Applicant’s income tax certificate if it is available
  7. Employment certificate issued from the applicant’s company
  8. Invitee letter & affidavit of support in Korea if they are available
  9. Specific documents are required depending on the types of visa. Further information, please contact the Embassy of the Republic of Korea.
  10. Non- Refundable Visa Fee
  11. Single entry visa (A stay of no more than 90 Days) – BDT 2,160/-, Multiple entry visa – BDT 5,760/-

For more visa information, please see the website of click here

For any specific query, please call 01715039547.

Korea (Rep.) South visa from Bangladesh

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