Country Details

Country NameGeorgia
Capital CityTbilisi
CurrencyEuro (EUR),Lari (GEL)
Local TimeGMT + 3
Telephone Code+ 995
BankClosed on Saturday and Sunday.
Exchange Rate1.00 GEL (Georgian Lari) is equivalent to 31.41 BDT

Georgia || Europe

BOSS International!TM Facilitates you with Georgia visa from Bangladesh.

There is no Embassy or Consulate office of Georgia in Dhaka. Bangladeshi citizens require to apply to nearest Embassy in India.

Georgian Embassy in New Delhi, India

169 Jorbagh, New Delhi 110003
Phone: +91 11 4707 8602, +91 11 4949 6000,
+ 91 92 0548 8477, Hotline: +91 95 60 71 11 55
Fax: +91 11 4707 8603

Bangladeshi citizens willing to obtain a short-term Georgian visa, needs to apply at Embassy of Georgia in New Delhi, India.

The following documents need to provide by the applicant while lodging their application in New Delhi:

  1. Fully completed visa application form. For Online Application Form, Please Click Here
  2. Travel document / passport. Travel document´s validity should extend at least three months after the validity of Georgian visa
  3. Passport-size photo according to ICAO standards. 35mm X 45mm and 60-80% face covered.
  4. Receipt of payment consular fee
  5. Invitation letter – should be submitted only if it is required by the visa issuing authority. For Invitation Letter Form, Please Click Here
  6. A receipt confirming the payment of a fine must be presented if a fine has been imposed on an alien for an illegal stay on the territory of Georgia
  7. To issue visas to minors (a person under the age 18) and/or persons with mental disorders, the visa issuing authority must be furnished with the consent of their legal representative. Such consent must be expressed in written form.
  8. If a person with representative powers submits papers, the document evidencing such representative powers must be presented to the visa issuing authority.

For Business Visits:

Document verifying labor relationship (commercial, professional) between an alien/his/her employer, a physical entity residing in Georgia, and a legal entity registered in Georgia. In case of labor relationship between an alien’s employer and a physical entity residing in Georgia or a legal entity registered in Georgia, a document verifying labor relationship between an alien and relevant foreign organization should be submitted.

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For more details, please Call 01715039547.

Georgia visa from Bangladesh

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Our consultancy services include:

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  2. Identifying loop hole in the application documentation,
  3. Preparing best approach for visa application.

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