Country Details

Country NameFiji
Capital CitySuva
CurrencyFiji Dollar (FJD)
Local TimeGMT + 12
Telephone Code+ 679
BankClosed on Saturday and Sunday & Public Holidays
Exchange Rate1.00 FJD (Fijian Dollar) is equivalent to 36.66 BDT

Fiji || Australia

BOSS International!TM Facilitates you with Fiji visa from Bangladesh.

There is no Embassy or Consulate office of Fiji in Dhaka, nearest Embassy is in New Delhi, India.

But, Fiji provides visa on arrival if you have a genuine purpose of visit & the following documents:

  1. Two [2] recent coloured passport size photographs [one (1) photo to be certified]
  2. Original Passport
  3. Confirmation of pre-booked hotel accommodation
  4. A copy of the travel itinerary with return ticket
  5. Sponsor letter [if a Fiji citizen or local company/organization is sponsoring to indicate the undertaking of the person for the duration of his period]
  6. Proof of approved visa and onward ticket [if applicant is traveling to the next country of destination after Fiji]

Fiji visa from Bangladesh

** BOSS International!TM provides personalized visa consultancy service for Fiji (Consultancy fee applicable).

Our consultancy services include:

  1. Your Background & Travel History study,
  2. Identifying loop hole in the application documentation,
  3. Preparing best approach for visa application.

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